Amanda Plummer

Amanda Plummer
Šoddâm njuhčâmáánu 23. peeivi 1957 (ahe 67)
New York, New York, Ovtâstum staatah
Aalmugjeessânvuotâ ovtâstumstaatâlâš, kanadalâš
Aktiivlâžžân 1979–
Merhâšittee roolah Pulp Fiction
Vaanhimeh Christopher Plummer
Tammy Grimes
IMDb-sijđo IMDb
Amanda Plummer ive 1987

Amanda Plummer (š. njuhčâmáánu 23. peeivi 1957, New York, New York, Ovtâstum staatah) lii ovtâstumstaatâlâš čaittâleijee.

Sun lii pegâlmâs suu teatterkarrieerist sehe elleekuuvijn Joe Versus the Volcano (1990), The Fisher King (1991), Pulp Fiction (1994) já The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013).[1] Suu eeči lii kanadalâš čaittâleijee Christopher Plummer (š. 1929) já enni še lâi čaittâleijee, ovtâstumstaatâlâš Tammy Grimes (19342016).

Filmografia[mute | mute käldee]

Elleekoveh[mute | mute käldee]

Ihe Eŋgâlâskielâlâš nommâ Roolâ Huámášutmeh
1981 Cattle Annie and Little Britches Cattle Annie
1982 The World According to Garp Ellen James
1983 Daniel Susan Isaacson
1984 The Hotel New Hampshire Miss Miscarriage
1984 The Dollmaker Mamie Childers televisioelleekove
1986 Static Julia Purcell
1987 Courtship Laura Vaughn
1987 Made in Heaven Wiley Foxx
1988 Gryphon Ms. Ferenczi televisioelleekove
1989 Prisoners of Inertia Sam
1990 Joe Versus the Volcano Dagmar
1991 The Fisher King Lydia Sinclair
1992 Freejack nunná
1992 Sands of Time Sister Graziella televisioelleekove
1992 Miss Rose White Lusia Burke televisioelleekove
1992 The Lounge People Sabrina
1993 So I Married an Axe Murderer Rose Michaels
1993 Last Light Lillian Burke televisioelleekove
1993 Needful Things Nettie Cobb
1993 Whose Child Is This? The War for Baby Jessica Cara Clausen televisioelleekove
1994 Pulp Fiction Honey Bunny/Yolanda
1994 Pax Franny
1995 Butterfly Kiss Eunice
1995 Nostradamus Katariina de' Medici
1995 The Final Cut Rothstein
1995 The Prophecy Rachael
1995 Drunks Shelley
1996 Dead Girl Frida
1996 Freeway Ramona Lutz
1996 The Right To Remain Silent Paulina Marcos televisioelleekove
1996 Don't Look Back Bridget televisioelleekove
1996 Under the Piano Franny Basilio televisioelleekove
1997 American Perfekt Sandra Thomas
1997 Hercules Clotho jienâ
1997 A Simple Wish Boots
1997 Hysteria Myrna Malloy
1998 You Can Thank Me Later Susan Cooperbeg
1998 L.A. Without a Map Red Pool Owner
1998 October 22 Denise
1999 8½ Women Beryl
1999 The Apartment Complex Miss Chenille televisioelleekove
2000 The Million Dollar Hotel Vivien
2000 Seven Days to Live Ellen Shaw
2002 The Gray in Between Jalyn
2002 The Last Angel The Last Angel uánihisfilmâ
2002 Triggermen Penny Archer
2002 Get a Clue Miss Dawson televisioelleekove
2002 Ken Park Claude enni
2003 My Life Without Me Laurie
2003 The Cruelest Day Karin
2003 Mimic 3: Sentinel Simone Montrose
2004 Satan's Little Helper Merrill Whooly
2008 Inconceivable Lesley Banks
2008 Red Mrs. Doust
2008 Affinity Miss Ridley
2008 45 R.P.M. Caralee Lucas
2009 Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf nissoon autost
2009 First Time Long Time Maggie uánihisfilmâ
2010 The Making of Plus One Kim Owens
2010 Girlfriend Celeste
2010 1001 Ways to Enjoy the Missionary Position Nora
2011 Vampire Helga
2011 Dr. Ketel Louise
2011 Today's Headline Amy uánihisfilmâ
2012 Sophomore Miss Hultz
2012 Small Apartments Mrs. Ballisteri
2012 Abigail Harm Abigail Harm
2012 I Have to Buy New Shoes Joanne
2013 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Wiress
2014 Strangely in Love Sister Sarah
2015 Reversion Elizabeth
2016 The Dancer Lili
2016 Honeyglue Alice
2018 We Are Boats Jimmie
2018 A Young Man with High Potential Ketura Stantz
2018 Freaks of Nurture enni (jienâ) uánihisfilmâ

Televisio[mute | mute käldee]

Ihe Eŋgâlâskielâlâš nommâ Roolâ Huámášutmeh
1982 ABC Afterschool Special Angela Dunoway uási: "The Unforgivable Secret"
1987 Moonlighting Jackie Wilbourne uási: "Take a Left at the Altar"
1988 The Equalizer Jill O'Connor uási: "A Dance on the Dark Side"
1989 Miami Vice Lisa Madsen uási: "Fruit of the Poison Tree"
1989 Tales from the Crypt Peggy uási: "Lover Come Hack to Me"
1989 HBO Storybook Musicals muštâleijee uási: "The Story of the Dancing Frog"
1989 True Blue Susan Lizar uási: "Pilot: Part 1"
1989–1990 L.A. Law Alice Hackett 6 uási
1990 Kojak Phyllis uási: "None So Blind"
1991 The Hidden Room Sarah Cole uási: "A Type of Love Story"
1996–2000 The Outer Limits Dr. Theresa Givens 2 uási
1996 Duckman Princess Fallopia (jienâ) uási: "The Road to Dendron"
1998 Stories from My Childhood roonnig (jienâ) uási: "The Twelve Months & The Snow Girl"
2002 Night Visions muusik professor uási: "The Maze"
2004 Special Victims Unit Miranda Cole uási: "Weak"
2006 Battlestar Galactica Oracle Selloi uási: "Exodus"
2007 WordGirl nissoon (jienâ) uási: "Lady Redundant Woman"
2009–2013 Phineas and Ferb Professor Poofenplotz já eres jienah 4 uási
2014 Hannibal Katherine Pims uási: "Takiawase"
2015 The Blacklist Tracy Solobotkin uási: "The Deer Hunter"
2020 Ratched Louise 7 uássid

Teatter[mute | mute käldee]

Ihe Eŋgâlâskielâlâš nommâ Roolâ Huámášutmeh
1979 A Month in the Country Vera Aleksandrovna
1979 Artichoke Lily-Agnes
1981 A Taste of Honey Josephine
1982 Agnes of God Sister Agnes
1983 Lee Harvey Oswald Marina Bayview Playhouse, Toronto, Kanada[2]
1983 The Glass Menagerie Laura Wingfield
1985 A Lie of the Mind Beth
1986 You Never Can Tell Dolly Clandon
1987 Pygmalion Eliza Doolittle
1990 Abundance Bess
1998 Killer Joe Sharla Smith
2005 The Lark Jeanne d'Arc
2006–2007 Summer and Smoke Alma Winemiller
2013 The Two-Character Play Clare
2017 The Night Of The Iguana Hannah Jelkes

Käldeeh[mute | mute käldee]

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