Myenster raavâ [čääiti] [mute] [peeivid]

This template produces formatted text, following the guideline for a Wikipedia hatnote:

{{Hatnote|Example hatnote text.}}

Broadly speaking, a hatnote should answer a reader's question (maybe preemptively): Am I on the right page?

Usage[mute käldee]

Basic usage
All parameters
{{hatnote|text|extraclasses=extra classes|selfref=yes|category=no}}

Parameters[mute käldee]

This template accepts the following parameters:

  • 1 – the hatnote text (required)
  • extraclasses – any extra CSS classes to be added, for example, the Myenster:Tl template adds the classes "|extraclasses=boilerplate seealso".
  • selfref – If set to "yes", "y", "true" or "1", adds the CSS class "selfref". This is used to denote self-references to Wikipedia. See Template:Selfref for more information.
  • category – If set to "no", "n", "false", or "0", suppresses the error tracking category (Category:Hatnote templates with errors). This has an effect only if the leftmost parameter (the hatnote text) is omitted.